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Assalamualaikum wr wb

Diposkan oleh irfan on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Assalamualaikum wr wb
Honorable all the juries of the english speech contest,  ladies and gentleman,first of all, lets thank to Allah SWT, the only God and guide, for giving us  health to attend this occasion. And thanks to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us to the right path and the greatest moment ever.
Ladies and Gentleman,
in this occasion, i would like to deliver my speech about the negative influences of westernization.
Well, ladies and gentleman,
 do you know what the meaning of westernization is? Michael Babcock, in his book,  story of westernization book  said,westernization is a process that can make our society come under or adopt western culture without knowing its consequences.
In this modern era, people easily accept a variety of entertainment brought by the current sophistication of the world from a variety of media. Electronic media is one source of information and even entertainment are popular and have an important role. Especially with the technological advances that are increasingly faster. For example, television, radio, and cellphone. The sophistication of this technology has changed the world to a system that is more efficient, quick and easy. With acceptance, the western culture finally did develop in Indonesia slowly. Findings indicate that most of the people of young generation are habituated with various pattern of western culture. Many of the respondents don’t even know about our traditional culture and they can’t differentiate our traditional culture from western culture. Young generation is the future of a country. Every country depends for the building of their brighter future on young generation. As a member of young generation, I want to evaluate the real picture of the effects of western culture on our young generation.

Ladies and gentleman,

 Culture is the background and history of a person that become a reason of who they are and what they stand for. Now, we can see many negative impacts of western culture in Indonesia. The impacts have been so great and so deep. As we see in our daily life, the western culture had infiltrated too much on our culture. Wherever we go, and as far as our eyes can see, we notice only western culture.For example, night clubs, dance bars, luxury of lifestyle, way of dressing,drugs,freesex, punk teenagers, pornographics films, consumerism and so on. So, is it possible that these indonesian youth are losing their cultural identity? The answer is yes. If we look around us, we will find a lot of big changes in our society. Such as, first, Formerly , we wear clothes to cover our body but we wear it for fashion today. Many Indonesians girls don’t feel shy to wear any short dress while going anywhere, they show a part of their body by using a sexy clothes. They also start to colour their hair  which does not belong to Indonesian culture. Second, the indonesian youth has no longer shame to show their romanticsm with their boyfriend or their girlfriend in public area. They are not shy to kiss their mate although they are not a husband and wife. So, how could it happen to the country which the majority of its people are muslim.  
Third, free sex, the biggest problem for indonesian youth because of westernization. We all know that  free sex is doing sex before marry age. The ironic of this problem is, that nowadays, not only adults do free sex but also our teenagers too. Free sex was done by young people in our country now. Many girls have  broken their life. Many babies are born without fathers. Then, many girls killed their babies by abortion.
Fourth , punk teenagers, we can find them everywhere in the corner of the city. Even, several times ago, they become a topic in a newspaper because of their action of punching a bus driver. The phenomena of punkers happen not only in Solo but in every part of cities in Indonesia. As we know, punk is not originally from Indonesia. So, is it right that we, as young generation of indonesian had lost of our cultural identity?
Again, drugs abuse, Many students consume drugs for fun or the other reasons. At the beginning, the students consume as a free try. After a period of time, they become the drug addict and always buy and consume it. Based on tthe observation, the students consume the drugs because of stress.the students dont realize that the drugs consumption has the negative impacts for them, like death, mental disorder, intelligence decreases. Many teens try alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Some teens try these substances only a few times and stop. Others cant control their urges or cravings for them. Teens tend to try new things and take risks, so they may take drugs or drink alcohol because it seems exciting.
Those facts are just little example. However, we can conclude that those things are caused by several points as follows :

1.      Lack of wisdom using sophisticated technology
2.      Consumenism, mostly caused by free trade
3.      Culture aculturation
4.      Lack of awareness on selecting the good culture
5.      Willingness to get freedom of life
Ladies and gentleman,

Civilization is what we have, and culture is what we are. It is very unfortunate that today’s generation of indonesia  has very little knowledge about their cultures,customs and traditions. If we dont do something, the effects will become worse and worse. So we have to do something to overcome  this problem. There are some solutions can be done to protect this country from moral devastation. Such as :
1.       We should give more understanding about the importance of nationalism, especially to the young generations
2.      We should introduce indonesian culture and teach the youngsters so that they know, love and reserve it
3.      We should give more understanding on the effects of westernization so that they will not be influenced easily by the western culture
4.      Everybody must be selective on adopting the western culture
Ladies and Gentleman,
Can i get your attentionfor a moment? Listen to me very carefully. It must be changed. And it is not only goverment’s duty. We  must be aware that culture is one of aspects that supports a region. If we are aware, we have one more chance to save our region from western culture. People who know about the negative side of westernization  will not follow their friends who did it.

I think it’s completely enough for me. In the last of my speech, I’d like to remind myself and the youth of Muslim to always learn our religion and our culture well so that we will be safe from the negative effect of bad cultures.
Thank you for your attention
 wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

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