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Diposkan oleh irfan on Saturday, June 05, 2010

By : Perguruan Muallimat Islamic Senior High School Delivered in the English-Arabic Contest in K.H. Hasyim Asy’ari Institute Tebuireng Jombang Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb First of all, let’s thank to Allah because of His love know we can gather in this nice meeting healthy and happily. Blessing and salutation always for our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, his family, all his disciples and those who follow them in the goodness till The Day of Judgment. And I do not forget to say thanks very much to the misses of ceremonies because of their loves too, now I can stand here in front of you all to deliver a little speech. My friends…! All of us realize that we can’t live alone without any helps from the others. We need someone’s help to fulfill what we need. One of the most important things in this case is our communication with the others. Someone will understand what we mean if they understand our language. Same with us, we will understand what they mean if we understand their language. Truthfully I say that the role of language is very important, especially for a language which is spoken by most of people all over the world. For this I want to deliver a little speech about THE IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH AS A MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. My brothers in Islam…! In this modern era, we are supposed to communicate wider than before. Not only in this country but also in the other countries. Indirectly, we are obliged to master foreign language, or we can call international language. What language is that…? At least, UNO has determined English as the international language. In countries, English had been taught and learned as a foreign language for practical and necessary uses of communication. For example, an Indonesian delegation meets Japanese or Chinese delegation a formal meeting, automatically, they will converse in English. My brothers and sisters that I love…! From what I’ve just explained above, we, as Moslem, must know and understand about those. As Moslem we must be clever to anticipate all the things that appear in every part in this world. We must be able to read the situation, transition, and development, especially in the field of language. And as the consistent Moslem, I think we have already know the importance of language from this verse of Al-quran :  ••           …….الاية Oh you men…!  •• Surely we had created you of a male and a female       And made you tribes and families that you   . may know each other Ladies and gentlemen…! One thing that we must always remember is we are not going to be easy to be deceived by the other people who want to spoil or destroy our religion. Wise word says: من عرف لغة قوم أمن من مكرهم The meaning of this is that; those who have the ability to understand and to master the language or the other language, they will be safe from their tactics and tricks. Based of the text above, it is completely wrong when the people say that we become ‘unbeliever’ by learning and mastering foreign language. My friends…! Last but not the least, I should to call you to prepare ourselves to face this modern era by learning English. And I hope you and all Moslem brothers whosesoever they are to pay attention in this international language and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach the bright future. We must make our Indonesia proud with us, ok…! My friends…! I think that all my speech and I do apologize to you all if there is something wrong in my speech because as we know that no one is perfect in this world. In the end, wabillahi at-taufiq wa al-hidayah wa ar-ridha wa al-inayah, Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb. bingung download aja KLIK DISINI format ms word

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