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cerita rakyat fersi bahasa inggris

One upon a time there lived in a village in the West-Coast of Minangkabau in Central-Sumatra a window with her only child, a boy ten years old, called Malin Kundang. They were so poor that they sometimes want to bed without meal. Every morning they got up very early to do their daily work: the mother going to the market to sell the branches gathered the day before by Malin, and the little boy going to the forest. However, the window was happy, for her son was safe and sound and she never heard him complain.
But in his heart the boy did not want to stay at home any longer. Having done his work when mother was safe in the market-place, he often went to the coast staring at the long waves that came rolling on. Then he imagined to be a captain, standing on the deck, with much money around him, transporting merchandise, his crew, standing around him ready to execute his order. Putting his left hand on his hip and stretching his right arm out, he would cry: “Throw out the anchor!” But sometimes he was startled by his own voice and one day by his mother who was looking for him. “Come along with me, crazy boy!” she cried. “Do you want to leave your mother alone?”
Time passed by Malin became a nice young man. His craving for the sea became unbearable by the day. 
One day a strange ship in. malin hastily went to the harbor to admire the nice ship. The captain, smoking a fine cigarette, with his back against the mast giving his order. On seeing Malin, he beckoned him to come nearer and then said. “What are you doing here? Do you like to roam the seas?” Malin was surprised. “Oh, dear Sir, rather! I want to come with. I’ll die in this lonely spot!” he answered hastily. “In an hour we leave this place again, my boy,” the captain said with a smile. “Don’t you want to take leave of your mother?” “Oh, captain, I daren’t, “Was the answer and so they sailed away.
Malin’s mother was frightened and became very sad, when some harbour workers told her about her only son. “Oh Good, protect my only child.” Cried the mother. “Let me live till his return.” Now she had to earn her bread alone.
Time passed by. The old mother had become grey. But Malin did come back. Everyone believed that Malin was dead. Then a strange ship put in. People ran to the harbor to look at it.
How surprised they were, when they knew that the commanding officer was Malin Kundang. But it was not the malin Kundang of ten years ago, who was standing there on the deck, it was a heroic man, wearing a long and thick mountable, blue expensive clothes and diamond rings on his fingers. He looked very cruel, there was no smile on his lips. People welcome him with cheers, but only waved back with his hand. Why did he return no his native place? And how had he become captain of this beautiful ship?
After secretly leaving his mother Malin Kundang become a sailor. He did his best, so that the captain was very fond of him and decided to adapt him as his son.
When he full and knew that his life had come to an end, he appointed Malin Kundang captain of the ship.
But the poor boy become a proud and inaccessible man. He did not want to see village, but the wind drove his ship to his birthplace.
His mother ladled some rice and vegetables on a banana leaf “Oh, my son will be very! He used to be very fond of this sort of vegetables, “She rushed to the harbors, where people packed together to admire the ship.
The old mother elbowed her way through the crowd, crying. “Oh, my son! Malin Kundang! Here I am, you old mother!” But, when she was three meters from the ship, rude fellows stopped her. Seeing his old mother in poor clothes, Malin Kundang was ashamed and ordered his sailors to stop her.
“Malin! Malin!” the old mother cried. “Don’t you recognize me? I’m your mother. I’m still alive”
“I’m not the son of a poor ugly women,” Malin answered. “Take her away! I don’t know that woman.”
“Malin! Malin!” the poor mother shouted but the bad son ordered his crew to weigh anchor and to leave the harbor 
Malin’s mother fell on her knees, weeping bitterly about the misbehavior of the son.
Suddenly she got up and pointing to the sailing ship, she cried; “Malin! Year after year I’ve waited for you, praying the Lord for you safety and arrival but you don’t want to know you poor mother! God will punish you! The sea will swallow you!”
When Malin Kundang was on the high seas, a heavy thunderstorm seizes the ship and blew its mast down. His crew were washed into the depts. One by one Malin Kundang became very afraid. He fell on his knees and prayed : “Oh, Mother ! I’ve been a bad son. Forgive me! Oh God! Have mercy on me!
Mother I’ll return to beg you forgiveness. But Malin was at the mercy of mighty seas, which were to punish a bad son, who did not want to acknowledge his poor mother. Suddenly a buge wave lifted up them destroyed the ship and threw it into the depth.
If you are sailing near the West-Coast of Central Sumatra you will see a sea-rock, shaped like the wreck of a ship. That was Malin Kundang’s ship.

Kancil was a clever mouse deer he had many enemies. One of them went a crocodile. The crocodile lived in a river near by a forest.
One dog, kancil went to the river it was a hot day kancil wanted to take a bath 
The crocodile saw kancil the, he crawled slowly behind kancil and laughter him he. He garbled one of kancil’s legs
Kancil was terrified. Then, he had an idea. He saw a two floating near him. He it up and said, “you are so stupid! you are biting a twig-not my leg. Here, this is my leg.”
He showed the crocodile the twig. The crocodile was stupid. He believed kancil. He freed the mouse deer leg and grabbed the twig kancil rab away immediately.
The Legend Of Banyuwangi

The ruler of the kingdom of Blambangan, Raden Banterang, used to occupy the neighboring areas in order to expand his territory, including the Klungkung Kingdom of Bali. The outbreak of the Klungkung War destroyed such a small country. The king of Klungkung was killed on the battlefield, yet his daughter and son were able to escape and hide in the jungle.
One day, Raden Banterang and his commanders were inspecting his district while hunting. It was in the jungle that Raden Banterang met a beautiful lady named Ida Ayu Surati. She was then taken to Blambangan to be his wife. Raden Banterang and Ida Ayu Surati enjoyed a happy life in the palace.
When Raden Banterang was hunting one day, the lonely princess was surprised by the arrival of a dirty beggar asking for her pity. The princess was surprised to find that the beggar was her older brother, Agung Bagus Mantra. She promptly squatted and embraced her brother's legs. However, her great respect of her brother was not well accepted. Instead, she was tortured for she supposedly betrayed her noble family.
Agung Bagus Mantra asked his sister to kill Raden Banterang, but such a request was rejected. He was very angry with her and came up with a sly idea to slander Raden Banterang.
At first, Raden Banterang did not believe that his wife had been involved in a scandal with another man. Yet because of Agung's convincing words, he was finally influenced and therefore, his wife was dragged down to a small lake. Asking for compassion, Ida Ayu Surati tried to tell the truth and denied her husband’s accusation. Hearing his wife's explanation, the king became angrier and angrier. As a proof of her sacred love, she asked her husband to kill her. As a last request, she asked her husband to throw her dead body into the river. She said that if the water in the river smelled terrible, it meant that she had ever been sinful, but if it smelled fragrant it meant that she was innocent.
Raden Banterang who was unable to control his emotions, soon stabbed his keris (dagger) into his wife's chest. She died instantly. The dead body of Ida Ayu Surati was quickly thrown into the dirty river. Raden Banterang was shocked to see the river suddenly become clean and as clear as glass with a fragrant smell. Raden Banterang screamed crazily and regretted his deed. He walked unsteadily and fell into the river screaming, "Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi!”
Another legend of Banyuwangi was taken from the story of Sri Tanjung Sidopekso. Once upon a time, a local ruler, King Sulahkromo, had a patih, R.Sidopekso. The wife of the patih, Sri Tanjung, was so beautiful that the king desired her. In order to be able to seduce Sri Tanjung, the king ordered his patih on a mission that would take a long time to accomplish. During his absence, the king tried to court Sri Tanjung without success. When R. Sidopekso returned, he went first to his ruler. The king, angry that his scheme had not succeeded, told the patih that during his absence his wife had been unfaithful to him. Sidopekso went home and confronted his wife with her alleged adultery. Her denial did not convince him, and he announced that he was going to kill her. Sidopekso brought Sri Tanjung to the bank of the river. Before he stabbed her to death, she prophesied that her innocence would be proven. And indeed, after having stabbed his wife to death and having thrown the dead body into the dirty river, the river immediately became clean and began to spread a wonderful fragrance. Sidopekso said, “Banyu ... Wangi..... Banyuwangi”. This means "fragrant water ". BANYUWANGI was born from the proof of noble and sacred love.
Sang Kancil Dengan Buaya (the Mouse deer and the Crocodile)

Sang Kancil feels hungry at the time when he is walking in the jungle. He had been walking since morning in search for food but unfortunately he still found nothing. He had made up his mind to drink some water from a river bank. Whilst walking along the river bank, his eyes are searching for the river. Suddenly, he saw a guava tree with lots of fruits hanging down the branches on the other side of the river.

Sang Kancil : Whoa, those guavas are so big! They must be delicious. How can I be there? (He talks to himself)

Sang Kancil then bending his head a little down into the river to drink the water. All of the sudden, the water spurs and Sang Kancil felt that something had been snatched by something. After that, he realized that it is a crocodile. He was surprised but he didn't show it to the crocodile because something had came accross his mind. He is thinking to play some trick with the crocodile.

Sang Kancil : (In a calm voice) Hey crocodile, you had snatched a branch of tree, not my leg.

Crocodile : (Surprised) Ah, a branch? (He sighed and let the "branch" off).

Sang Kancil : O, crocodile, luckily that I had found you. Actually, I had been ordered by King Solomon to see you. He had ordered me to count on how 
many of your kind who live in the river. Go and tell your folks may King Solomon grants you presents.

Crocodile : Are those had been said from you true?

Crocodile doubted what had been told by Sang Kancil, but Sang Kancil had managed to draw the crocodile's confidence. Crocodile sink into the water and sooner appear with his fellow crocodiles. Sang Kancil without wasting his time, ordering those crocodiles line up from the river bank where he had been standing and linking him to the other side of the river bank.

With pleasure, he jumped over the head of those crocodiles and counting in a song.

Sang Kancil : One, two, three, I'm on the dent head of the crocodiles,
Male and female, both I knock with my feet,
Four, five, six and seven, 
Eight, nine, and ten,
Eleven, twelve, and thirteen,
Your tails please don't move,
Fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen,
King Solomon's order should been accomplished in haste.

Sang Kancil was counting until he had safely stepped on the other side ground. He got the fruits and the fool crocodiles were tricked by a tiny mouse deer. 

One upon a time, there in a region in East Java was a king named Sindureja. He had a prime minister named Sidapaksa had a very beautiful wife.
Sidapaksa loved his wife depply. They lived in complete happiness. However. sidapaksa


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